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Website Development

Website Design

Tegba Services provides professional website design services that are tailored to each business’ requirements.

Having a website is imperative regardless of the type of business you run, but just having ‘any kind website’ isn’t enough— your site needs to be well created, attention-grabbing, fast in loading time, mobile-friendly and user experience and this is what we provide to our clients.

At Tegba Services, we don’t only create outstanding websites, we ensure they achieve wide of range scaling – meaning we design and develop them in a way that is one of a kind for our customers’ businesses, with social media integration features, and optimize them for search engine visibility. 

We also create & integrating google my business on the google page. This is what makes our widely inclusive service the best for website design.

Tegba Services is one of the best and most credible website design and development companies in Nigeria. 

We have a committed team of professional web developers dedicated to giving you the best services crafted with intelligence, precision and creativity of any form of website.

Be it personal website, business website, religious website, e-commerce website, Sports website or any other kind of website of your choice, we can guarantee you the best value for your money and a website which will be catchy and responsive.

We have many happy customers. Click on our portfolio to view some of our works. Contact us today and we shall be delighted  to respond.


Website Maintenance

While it is important to have a website, it is far more important to ensure that the website is constantly active on the internet.

Just like a vehicle that will develop mechanical fault despite the quality of its engine and all, so websites, Website have their issues too – true is, website go offline for different reasons.

At Tegba Services, we are committed to ensuring that our client’s websites are always on the internet.

We periodically evaluate the functionality of the websites and assist with technical, administrative and security issues that will arise on the websites.

Tegba Services ensures that website are fully secured from hackers and malwares & viruses, provide technical support by restoring your website when it goes offline & other hosting challenges

We also provide administrative support in blogging & updating on your website for optimum functionality.

The service is not free but we have made it easily affordable for our customers. Let’s work together.


Your Benefits

– We will create the website for you.

– Your website speed will be very fast (loading time)

– Your website will be duly secured from hackers, malwares and viruses.

– We will make sure your website is rank high on the SERPs through SEO.

– We will install & Integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager as the case maybe on your website to track activities on the website. 

– We  will Integrate a Landing page for lead collection for email marketing campaigns.

– We will create google my business for your company as a BONUS for being our clients if you allow us also maintain your website.

– We will like to manage and maintain the website for you.

Get in touch today we shall be delighted to respond.