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Understanding the Basics of Content Marketing 7 facts that will help you navigate

Content Marketing is a technique of creating, sharing or distributing relevant and valuable information (content) to attract, acquire, and engaged a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Know Your Audience:

How do you know your audience, by collecting demographics information of your target audience based on email subscribers, social media followers, website visit. For a successful content marketing, you need to segment your audience based on their interest. (E.G, Age, Gender, Occupation, Interest, Income, etc)

Create High Content

Your write up must be valuable & relevant.

Benefits – High Brand Awareness, increase traffic visits & social media shares, Increase Website ranking and website dual times, helps in gaining leads & eventual conversion.

How to create it – Brainstorm on relevant topics & terms, use keywords research tools to gather results (ahref, semrush, ), create original content, create compelling headlines, give valuable information to your readers, add resources from well known sites.

Also, create engaging and thought-provoking write ups, use relevant images & follow logical content structuring, use different contents forms, use short, simple sentences with short paragraphs, update your content regularly, avoid grammatical mistakes.

In addition, put a clear call-to-action, create contents that meet viewers / readers requirements, use examples for clarification, make your content virtually appealing, prefer to give adequate information etc).

Test it (Consistently run A/B testing)

Four elements important to text are Images, content, sign up forms, CTAs. For Images, make sure it is relevant to the direct content, Test Content length with the ideal google analytics tool, Make your site up form user friendly, CTAs, text your color, tune, placement. Benefit: A/B testing helps to significantly increase conversion rate.

Conduct Competitors Analysis

How do you achieve that? Identify your competitor’s top performing contents for relevant topics, that data can been seen under benchmark inside google analytics, facebook also allows for the analysis, through their insight section, also check. Benefit: It also helps in increasing conversion rate.

Content marketing 1

Choose a Suitable Format

First, decide on the type of write up you want to create, secondly, find a suitable format- Example of formats that can be used are: Blog post, Podcast, Videos, Case Study, ebooks, Infographics etc). In addition also, ensure you choose a friendly content management system. Examples of CMS are Ghost, Wix, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Squarespace etc.

I will recommend WordPress because Because of the way it is coded as a multi-use CMS, a single WordPress install allows you to develop a website, a blog, a forum and an entire community all based on the same platform, giving you the ability to incorporate every tool your online business needs under one roof.

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Follow up on your audience

Email marketing tools or strategy can be very vital here. Sending automated emails, and likes to them would be wonderful to consider.

Measure Your Performance

Measuring the right metrics is very important, the kind of metrics that can measured are: User, Page view, session, website dwell time, unique page views, bounce rate. Benefits: Measuring the right metrics can help you understand whether your content is engaging or not.

Simplicity is Key, remember, first impression matters.

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