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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization- 3 best points to get you started now

Take a look at how Search Engine Optimization works, Have you noticed that when you source for information on the internet using search engines like, google, yahoo, bing, excite, baidu & all, in less than a micro-seconds, many contents are showed to you in an orderly manner?

If you are a content writer or a product or service provider, the smart thing to do is to increase your click through rate (CTA) & dwell time on the site, thereby telling the search platform that your website deserves a good rank because, your service or product is relevant and is also meeting user’s requirement.

That process, makes your website visible and organically rank ahead of other posts in the search engine.

I mean, when people search the ‘engines’ for quarries, ensure that your goal is to get your content, product or services to sit top 3 in the ranking of pop ups, again, around the first – three (1-3) in search.

That way, you are likely to have the web page clicked than when it is beneath or not appearing at all in the search engine.

Search Engine Optimization

The process of having your contents top after a search query is carried out on a particular subject is called SEO. Simply means, Search Engine Optimization.

To further break it down, Search Engine = Search platforms on the internet, Optimization = Rank. Now join the words together, does that make sense to you now? Sure should! It also means Organic Search or Organic Listings.

The process of having your contents top after a search query is carried out on a particular subject is called SEO. Simply means, Search Engine Optimization.

In the past (Old days), SEO rewards website that provide or takes into account the technical details & a little bit of content sprinkle. Technical details like Meta tags, meta data, CMS, & some contents, a ratio of 80% technical, 20% contents in estimation.

But to mention, the job description of an SEO specialist has changed dramatically going forward, it’s not enough to just put in keywords- that won’t get you all you want anymore.

search engine optimization
search engine optimization

The New SEO

Search Engines now rewards websites that provide (technical details) and valuable contents (high valuable contents).

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Now that we have established the importance of Quality contents to SEO.

Let me now share, Google’s recommendations on how to create quality contents.

  1. Useful & Informative – Include Information audience are looking for.
  2. Valuable & Useful – Provide more value or a different perspective to numerous articles on the web or internet space.
  3. Credible – Show your site’s credibility using original research, citations, reviews, testimonials, links etc.
  4. High Quality – Your site’s content should be unique, specific & of high quality.
  5. Engaging- Bring color & life to your site by adding images, to your products, services, team or even yourself. Make it almost irresistible.

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Let me say, that SEO overlaps with Content and Social media marketing, can you remember sets in mathematics? Yeah… they are exactly like it. They need one another to be effective. They are Independent, yet dependent on one another.

SEO (search), Content, Socials are more effective, when they help customer finds reliable information and inspiration, they seek in hundred micro moments through out the day.

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Take a look, these I-want-to-buy, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-know, I-want-to-do moments are big opportunities for SEO experts to win people over and influence their purchasing decisions and preferences. Check out our articles on the Introduction to digital marketing.

We will cover, Why SEO, What is SEO, How does google ranks website & how do we get our website to be number 1, Types of SEO techniques, Do’s & Don’t of SEO, also, we will cover the components of SEO- The Web, the Analysis, the Keywords, The Optimization strategy in our next class at Learn Tegba.

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